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Label and Die Cuts Solutions

Smart ID

We provide a wide range of solutions for labeling applications - from a simple blank logistics label to a facility Safety & Sign Markings, complete Print & Apply solution which includes equipment, label and ribbon consumables, label design software, installation/integration and on-site support. Labels with durable materials compliant to the latest specific regulations for product identification and traceability. We also offer a wide range of die-cut parts - from simple double side adhesives through multi-layer printed panels specialties like thermal management, EMI/RFI Shielding, foams gaskets. The numerous application-specific tool systems of our machinery enable high-quality flat bed Die or Kiss-cutting, Punching, Scoring, Creasing, Multilayer laminations, Zoned adhesive lamination, Pull tabs and extended liners.

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Electrostatic Discharge Solutions

Smart ESD

Electro Static Discharge, or ESD, is a great concern for our partners that produce and ship electronic devices. We provide full ESD field consultancy, which basically means we can help you find the right solution for your ESD problem, meaning you will save time and resources. LTHD Corporation focuses on customizing ESD packaging: Static shielding and moisture bags or Thermoformed ESD trays and packaging to protect electrostatic – sensitive electronic products. We provide personalized services from packaging design and mold development, to packaging production and delivery. We also offer all specific items suitable for EPA area such as Flooring systems, ESD furniture, Ionizers, Grounding solutions, Garments and Test measuring. 

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Electronics Manufacturing Solutions

Smart EMS

We have become a well-known supplier for the electronics manufacturing industry, automotive, aerospace, medical and other industrial sectors, providing a wide range of SMT systems, inspection systems, component programming, rework and dispense, automation solutions and specialized service support. Our support packages are covering the entire process, from installation, quick setup and training, to the full performance potential of your new equipment. Our backup helps you keep your equipment running at its optimum. To meet our customers' needs, we aim to provide solutions that are compatible with emerging Smart Factory practices and support new manufacturing techniques.

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Thermoforming Solutions

Smart FRM

Our company specializes in providing high-quality thermoforming trays tailored to meet the specific requirements of the automotive, electrical and medical sectors. We understand the unique challenges faced by these industries and offer customized solutions that optimize productivity while ensuring utmost quality and safety standards. Our trays are designed to maximize space utilization and minimize material waste. By optimizing part placement and nesting, we help you achieve higher production yields and reduce overall costs.

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Metal Solutions

Smart MTL

LTHD Corporation offers full metal sheet services, from design to metal cutting laser technology, covering bending and welding works. Our products are manufactured according to customer specifications with industry specific materials - with high accuracy equipment for cutting, drilling, bending & welding. From part concept and design through prototyping, small series production (SOP) to full production including specific packaging & shipping. Our design team covers every request, from simple CAD design to 3D simulation of bending metal sheets, using top software like SolidWorks.

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Chemical Solutions

Smart CHE

Our focus is to provide solutions, materials and services, in a comprehensive package, tailored to the customer’s requirements and needs regarding cleaning solutions and equipment, soldering materials and process optimization. We offer high precision cleaning solutions and equipment for the electronic industry, soldering materials such as solder paste, solder wire, preforms, fluxes, as well as process optimization and analytical services, logistic and commercial support. We work with the global leading brands in the industry and have the expertise and certifications required to support our customers in lasting partnerships that provide excellent product quality and performance, technical and customer service, cutting-edge material research and development and the lowest cost of ownership.

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